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Starting up the Scam.

Posted by King_Magnus on March 27, 2013 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (0)




For quite a while now I've been thinking about cleaning up the way I organize my school life; f.x files, homework, class table and so on and so on. I thought about buying one of those little diaries you can get anywhere for 3$; But I figured I'd just forget it or never actually post any notes in it. So, why not just program my own software to manage all my files for me? I might even turn it into a commercial software to help lighten the students life a bit. A few extra dollars a month cannot hurt… :roll:

I settled on the name SCAM, an acronym (and a poor one for that matter) for "School Assistant Manager" or something of that sort.

Now, I'll need to make as much preparing as possible; So I'll start on listing the basic components and goals of the software:


-It is supposed to be able to help me track my files.
-I want to be able to make small notes.
-I want to be able to set myself homework and let the program prioritize what assignments should be done first, depending on priority and Deadline date.
-I want to be able to see my schedule and what classes I have coming up.
-I want to be able to link certain files to certain classes and open them as I wish.


Other features:

-Password protected users, allowing multiple users to use the software without disrupting each other
-Separated Widows; being able to take a certain part of the software (f.x the homework list) and have it in a special window on its own.
-Having the program start automatically as the computer starts (if chosen by the user).


I’ll edit this list as I see fit; but for now this is the basic core of the software. I’ll be using GML and Game maker: Studio to program the software and I’ll update this Devlog at least once a week, hopefully more frequently.